Swedger: Renoise-Obsessed Bassline, Garage & Grime Producer

Hey folks!

I rarely post here but I thought I might as well chuck this link up in case any of you are into your tribal bassline/ UK Funky music. I’ve been using Renoise exclusively since I was 17 [I’m 21 now] so I can make a guarantee that every track of mine that I have either uploaded or re-posted on my Souncloud page was made in Renoise!

So here you go anyway. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Swedger - Maybe You Should Say [Low Pitched Records_via 3000 Bass_]:https://soundcloud.com/3000bass/swedger-maybe-you-should-say-free-download

Swedger - Don’t Be Afraid [Project Allout Records]:https://soundcloud.com/swedger/swedger-dont-be-afraid-preview

Swedger - NFRLD [In:fluX Audio]:https://soundcloud.com/swedger/swedger-nfrld-preview

Cheers for reading/ listening anyway gang!

Matthew [Swedger/ Ardeer]

P.S. I’m always open to the idea of collaborations, especially with fellow Renoise users.

Pretty cool, they a bit on the housey side of things for me but really like them nevertheless.

Thanks man! I should probably have tagged the thread with “house” too but I feel like it’s much more disjointed stuff than standard house music.

Really like your style!

Oh shit you’re swedger! Definitely bought your stuff in the past :slight_smile:

Quaaaaality - thanks a lot! :smiley: I’m kinda unfortunate in that no label I’ve ever released music on has given me a penny to date, so any sales that have been made (through Off Me Nut Records, Your Mum Records, etc.) have resulted in no cash being given back to me. But I guess the purpose of releasing your music on labels is largely to help you gain exposure and widen your fan-base, so I’m not mega-bothered at this exact moment. I’ll have some stuff up on my Bandcamp soon though so hopefully I can guarantee I’ll earn a little money then!

So, though there are no tracks up yet, keep an eye on this for future reference if you like the tunes I’m producing:https://swedger.bandcamp.com/

Thanks for all the nice feedback anyway people!

pretty sure we sent a couple of messages about collaborating on something at some point (pirate soundsystem) ? would be up for working something out for sure

pretty sure we sent a couple of messages about collaborating on something at some point (pirate soundsystem) ? would be up for working something out for sure

Damn, we totally did man! And big ups by the way - I’m still playing your tune “Think I’m Ready” and it’s still killing dancefloors!

I think Kanji Kinetic tried to get us connected back in late 2013 or something and I have no idea why we never ended up getting some tunes whipped up. Fancy dropping me an email and we’ll get a collaboration on the go then? I’ve got plenty of stuff I’d love to send your way to see what kind of sounds you’d be into adding. But that might be drifting off topic for now. Ping we an email at matthewclarkmusic@yahoo.co.uk when you get the chance mate! I’d love to finally do a collaboration with another Renoise user!

Cool shit, mang! followed.

Thanks for posting!

Cool shit, mang! followed.

Thanks for posting!

Big ups man - glad you like it!

I’ve just uploaded an old tune of mine which I’ve finally completed well over a year after I uploaded a preview to Soundcloud. If you guys liked the harder stuff of mine that I posted then this might be up your alley! As always the whole thing was produced in Renoise.


P.s. Bonus points if you can guess where the vocal samples came from!