Swedish Chord-techno Tune

(dedacia) #1

i have been /away for i while, but i’m back, and i’m angry :angry:

i know you don’t like my kind of techno, but please give it a try.

fun fact:
the consistently chord is sampled from the old tv serie “Prisoner”.
theres a lot of filters applied on it for sure :)

and why is the whole creation in mono?
i dont know, and i don’t have the energy to change it -_-

direct link

(Cie) #2

Baseline sounds great, dark and pumping. Good filled soundscapes, maybe a little to much in some places, I miss an exact seperation of the sound-design; that makes some parts a little bit hectic. Some samples are a little bit too weird (dark “shrab” sound used as bass) but all in all I like it. Good arrangement, nice track. :)