Switchable Slider Scale In Lfo

I use the lower ranges of the LFO a lot (sub 64LPC), and at the moment, it is very difficult to make accurate movements using the slider. I have to use the left / right arrow keys to make small adjustments, and a move when the slider is nearly slammed far left is impossible to predict.

What I would like, would be to have the viewable resolution of the slider switchable. Currently this is possible for VU viewing, so something similar for sliders would be great.

Hope that makes sense!

The LFO frequency is indeed a strange parameter to work with thanks to rather its extreme range.

But don’t forget that you can also manually input any parameter value for extra precision:
1961 renoise-lfo-frequency.PNG

i totally agree. especially when working with high BPMs, the LFO (and other devices’) sliders are hard to automate in the lower ranges. dblue is right about the manual value input, but if you want to do automation it can become a very tedious process to do it this way. i would love for a way to change this as well.

well, my personal issues do not yet arise around 64 LPC, but more often in the area between 1000 and 64 LPC. so just a few pixels for the 64 LPC would not resolve it. i rarely use the 1-4 LPC settings, so would really like to be able to switch it over, giving me more detail in the ‘obscure’ ranges.

You can manually enter values in Automation as well you know?

yeah i know, but when you are trying out a certain sound by dragging the slider, you cannot do that on that ‘low resolution’. so maybe ‘automation’ wasn’t the correct term.

by the way, i believe currently the best workaround for this is to put a Hydra before the LFO, and set its range. that way, the Hydra’s input-slider becomes your new LFO freq slider. my point is, however, that i find it a bit nonsensical that i need to use 2 devices for so simple a thing. maybe just some range-controls on the LFO would do?

what about 'user defined snap settings ’ to the slider for automation .
For example …snap 64lpc , snap 32lpc , snap 4 lpc …when moving the slider for automation it automatically snaps to the defined settings …anyway this is allready possible within the automation editor but for live tweaking it could come in handy

I was actually thinking a modifier key could give Snap settings, based on LPB (and possible pattern length so not to assume 4/4 signature.) Something like ALt+Drag and doesn’t Ctrl+Drag already give fine adjust? Even with Fine adjust you currently jump over exact values you may want…

i am not really in favor of snap-settings, because it will not work for when you for example want to hit all values in a range. you’d have to have snap-values for (for example) 128-256. but it is possible i don’t get the snap-settings idea.

another reason why the current implementation is a problem, is that the portion of slider you have at your hands for these particular values is so small it cannot be easily divided, or played with. i do not know if snap-settings would change this either…

that is why i believe a simple range-setting would be best to help with this issue, and also be a method which is already implemented in other parts of the software, so there is no need to introduce yet another new mechanism, and keep everything nicely uniform.

I agree it can be somewhat difficult, but it is already much better than what other trackers have. Being able to resize the automation lane and give it more vertical resolution in the process would probably help though.