Switching On/off An Effect Via Track Fx?

I have an EQ-10 on my master channel which I want to switch off with a track effect (eg 1700) and then suddenly switch it on (eg 1701).
Can this be done?

I don’t want to have to set all the EQ bands seperately with track fx, since obviously you can’t switch them all on/off on one track line.

D’oh, should’ve been in newbie questions.
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You can switch an device on and off by using this command: xF0x

first x stands for the effectnumber in the chain and you have just type for the 2nd x a 1 or 0 to switch it on or off.


your eq is your first or only effect on the mastertrack it looks like: 1F00 (off) or 1F01 (on)

Thanks man , good news indeed!