SWREG vs. Payed Price: Renoise Cost Too Much?

Hi, very happy new user here, to start. I bought Renoise a week ago or something and I used my girlfriends mothers credit card because it said that there would be no extra fees if I did so. All was well, I got a mail and everything telling me how much it would be. 49 euros. Right. She just confronted me with a bill of 66.76 euros. Obviously something has gone wrong. Or I have misread something. Anyway just wanted to sort this out.

Thanks / Tommy.

maybe you’ll get a response faster / or contact the right person that can help you directly here:


49€ price does not include country taxes which may apply, as it is specified in the order page. Also, unfortunately SWREG (the company which manages the process, one of the biggest in the world and not affiliated to Renoise) forces the automatical inclusion of the backup service which you should opt out at ordering time if you are not interested into.

anyway, at checkout time the price is clearly stated so there should really be no surprise after buying. It should be clear that 49€ is the money that Renoise team asks for the application, there rest is taxes (if applicable) and SWREG backup service (if not opted out). It also has to be said that not all the 49€ goes to Renoise, because a percent goes to SWREG. I’m sorry if this has not been clear in your buying process; if you feel that Renoise does not worth that money, please contact the team as Jonas said and we will try to arrange.

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Thanks! :)

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I’d contact the credit card company.

25% tax on a transaction?! And I thought Canadian PST/GST taxes were high.

If they ever gonna pull that kind of tax rates here, i’m definately going to evacuate (nopes, not immigrate) from the Netherlands