Sync an LFO to the LPB Timing of the Track

I’ve started using LFOs which control subtle changes in the volume, pitchand filter cutoff of an instrument, in order to give them a bit more character and variation.

This is great, but I’d like to be able to lock the LFO timing to the BPM of the songin order to make a kind of rhythmic ‘throbbing’ effect on my chords in time with the beat.

Surely this is possible and I’m missing something obvious? :blush:

Many thanks


Well, yes and no… there is a tool which does this

That’s great, thanks very much.

Also, the Formula device has a preset called ‘LFO Beat Synced’ :slight_smile:

Edit: that particular preset only does sinusoidal movement, but you can make the Formula device control an LFO with any/custom envelope.

I’ll be happy to demonstrate :slight_smile:

Thanks very much, that’s very helpful.

I’ll try out both methods tonight and see how I get on.


The LFO device has a slider called ‘frequency’ where you can set LPC (lines per cycle).

In order to sync the LFO’s cycle to the song, you have to automate the “Reset” button.

The “Reset” button can be triggered with the effect command: x8yy, where x stands for the position of the LFO device in the effect chain (if it’s the first device: 1, if the second: 2 etc.) and yy is the offset value. For example:

  • 00 restarts the LFO from the beginning.
  • 40 restarts the LFO from a quarter of the way through of the cycle.
  • 80 restarts the LFO from halfway through the cycle.
  • C0 restarts the LFO from three quarters of the way through the cycle.
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