Sync Between Renoises

i happened to have 2 instances of renoise open with the sample file. i hit play on one. and then hit play on the other when the pattern repeated.

now is this a design feature, or am i just a luky person.

cause if it is in design to sync up. dj-ing with renoise is about to get really fun

also on a side note. plural of renoise? renoises or is it like deer. you know one deer/ a lot of deer… one renoise many renosie

lil bit OT and stealing your post but, what i tried couple months ago was:

i hooked MIDI cable from my m-audio 24/96 midi out to midi in.
i opened two instances of renoise, other i set to master and
other to slave. both looking midi from m-audio.
well, for me, i think that when i hit play from master renoise,
slave renoise should be started with sync but nothing happened…

can somebody explain why?

midi cable should be ok, i have tested it.


Perhaps because you didn’t toggled this button on the Slave side?

Renoise synchronizes during songplay. If you manually hit play in another session and Renoise syncs correctly, that is just pure luck or that is what i expect a DJ to be capable of (to have a feeling for correct timing).

I doubt the Master/Slave option in the current way would be useful for a DJ as it would always synchronise to the current songposition and not to any arbitrary desired song-position.

Hello mr. Vv.

Yes, I enabled this slave clock thingie (tricky one to find it), but without any success. Also i know that it should be start slave renoise when starting from master (at least Electribe EA-1 works with renoise as master). So i dont really know.

Can somebody else test this one, cos for me it would be killer live jam set-up.

cheers, cAMEL

ps. merry x-mas & happy new year 2oo9!!!

Then there is the MIDI configuration panel where the master options have to be checked, specially the "Send Song Position pointers…

I currently have no ability to check this right now so Camel’s request still counts…

yes, also from preferences Audiocard and MIDI-setup is checked and set to right settings (in both instances, Slave and Master)


One last thing:Renoise does not perform a digital loopback on any device, neither MIDI.
When using the same midi device using two different Hosts, Renoise cannot detect the same midi device being used by a different host, but not all audio device drivers allow two programs using the same MIDI device at the same time.

You might want to try synchronising using MIDI Yoke, You can then actually use a different midi device in Renoise to use.
Besides, it is also an internal MIDI cable which might save you some delay.

Do the MIDI sync LEDs in both Renoise light up correctly? They do show the beat input/output. Watch out for the small red and green lights next to the CPU bar in Renoise.
If both light up (one green one red) Renoise is set up correctly. Then simply make sure that the small sync button next to the BPM box is enabled, else MIDI sync is not applied.

I remember that those small MIDI-signal indicator lights was blinking correctly.
I have to check it once a more thru, im on the road atm but when i get home…


a bit OT.

nut is it possible to record from one instance of renoise to another??

it would be a nice way to make some “live” mash-ups of your tracks if thats possible?

Okay, got home and did test for setup and result is this:

When I open up second renoise it gives me warning that sais

Failed to open the MME MIDI device ‘Delta AP MIDI’!


also first instance of renoise gives correctly midi clock but second doesnt receive it…


On Windows you can not use a Hardware MIDI port at the same time by two applications. If both Renoises are on the same computer, use a virtual MIDI cable like LoopBE or MIDI Yoke. Take care to not create feedback loops - sending & receiving MIDI via the same port at once - LoopBE handles this nicely btw…