Sync Lfo To Bpm

It would be nice if we could sync the LFO’s frequency to the BPM of our song. This way we wouldn’t need to finetune the frequency which is more difficult.

Also it would be great if we could set whether the LFO should start with the positive or negative phase.

I’ve made a little demo to show the problem. Here the LFO should simulate the compressor-effect. But it starts with the wrong phase. So you have to start playing when the LFO has reached the right position.

If I could set the initial phase to be negative, I’d just have to turn the LFO on (xF001) at the beginning of the pattern and it would always start at the right position.

you can reset the LFO to a given phase by using x6yy, where x is the position of the LFO in the DSP chain (your case: x = 6), and yy is the phase (00<=yy<=FF, in your case, I think yy=00).

so try adding a 6600 on the first line of your bass track

Doh! Stupid me! Thanks a lot, It - works great!

Then there’s only the SyncToBPM-idea that might be a usable suggestion.