Sync Renoise To Sonar - Any1 Know How?

Hi all,

New to RENOISE here. My first post but I’ve just read that RENOISE can be synced to CUBASE so I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that it can also be synced to Cakewalk SONAR.

Has anyone done this?

Also> I don’t really understand how this would work. If you only have a few bars of RENOISE in a much larger project, how would the HOST determine which pattern you want played and at what time in the larger project?

I suspect you would have to make many blank patterns but maybe I’m wrong.

Appreciate any replies here,


It would be better to learn the basics of MIDI routing between applications, in that way it will be a lot easier to synchronise various applications to eachother.
A good start is this tutorial:…ng-for-renoise/
I have no idea if there are any Sonar users, this might be a reason why you don’t get a response.
The deal is quite simple for Renoise and can be found on the advanced midi routing tutorial, the aspect of the other application depend upon where you can find the configurations because it is actually just a matter of “Where to set the MIDI Master options” and “Where to set the MIDI Slave options” and “how to turn on SPP receival or sending”

I don’t know these options for Sonar as i don’t have/use it.