Sync Start & Stop

How do I separate start and stop? I’d like it to stop when I hit stop, but start at the beginning of a block. I don’t need to record a block of deadspace every time I don’t hit stop a split second before the start of the next block.

what keys are you pressing?

sounds like you are pressing something you shouldn’t be pressing =)

Is this even possible? I know you can press stop a split second after a pattern has started, and it will then stop when it reaches the end of it, but I don’t think you can separate them.

I guess this should go into the suggestions area instead of help, since I guess the option isn’t available. It seems strange to me that they would lump start and stop together instead of having separate controls for each…

Hmm…you are trying to record something by hand?
not sure I understand what you are trying to do…

But here’s a list of all song-transport shortcuts that are assignable to the keyboard,
as you can see there is a stop command - but it’s not assigned to any key by default.
You can do this in preferences > keys > global > transport

Toggle Loop Pattern
Play Pattern
Play Pattern from Current Line
Play Song
Play Song from Current Line
Record Song
Record Pattern
Stop Song
Play From Cursor
Toggle Block Playing
Select LoopBlock and Play
Select Previous LoopBlock
Go To Previous Pattern in Sequence
Go To Next Pattern in Sequence
Note Off
Smart Note Off
Note Off Row
Smart Note Off Row

No—I obviously can’t word anything right…

Here–a picture will say more:

This is what I’m talking about. I’m guessing there’s no way to do this–so this thread should probably be moved to suggestions.

I would like the START to be synced to the pattern but the stop to be set for none. I don’t really understand in any way why start and stop were linked together. I take it this wasn’t designed around people adding vocals…

I sure wish there was an option that made it so if I have the sync set for none, when I DO hit record, that Renoise would automatically place the sample into the song the exact place of when I hit start, and then insert an off command when I hit stop. I sure hope that kind of thing is in the plans for future versions.

Ah, you can stop recording by stopping Renoise (space key), maybe.
I learned this from Pysj in the alpha forum before. :)

And also there was a suggestion of controlling start and stop by effect commands, but taktik said that it seems to be a bit hard to programing. I hope in the future too.