Synchronizing 2 Renoises


I’ve been using trackers for 10+ years. I have a renoise licence and I love it… wonderful program.

When I play live I use two laptops running renoise and I will segue from one track to the next on either machine…

Is there a way I can synchronize these 2 instances of Renoise on these two machine, so I don’t have to babysit the beat matching?

I have never used MIDI before, but it sounds like that’s what will make this work.

Is anyone doing this? What do I need to buy to get this going?

Help! :slight_smile:

yes. you’ll need midi on both your computers.
connect the midi-out from one computer (which will be master) to the midi-in from the other (slave).
now in the slave-pc you’ll have to enable the midi-slave button on upper right corner of renoise (the leftmost one with the tiny clock) and under configs->midi set the “midi clock slave settings” in device to the midi device of the computer
in the master pc just go to configs->midi and select your midi device under “midi clock master settings”->out device.
well, that’s it. :) now hitting play on the master pc will also start the slave. and the slave will also adjust the tempo to the master.

you’re welcome. :)

to be honest: i actually haven’t tried it over midi.
i used midi-yoke to sync two apps inside one computer (for recording vocals), but the procedure is the same.
i didn’t run both apps in sync that long so i could get the same tempo change thingie you got over there, but maybe it’s a midioverlan problem? i don’t really know. but i’ll check if i get the same problem via midiyoke.