Syncing 64 bit Renoise to 32 bit Ableton?


So I’m trying to slave Renoise to Ableton Live so I can compose drums with Renoise’s grid, but also arrange the song and record vocals in Ableton’s horizontal edit view. I’m running 64 bit Renoise and 32 bit Ableton live 8. I checked out Ableton’s website and they claim that in order to use Ableton as a ReWire Master, the slave and the master must be the same bits. They advised me to try and change Renoise from 64 bit to 32 by clicking the Renoise icon, hitting “cmd+i” to open up file info, and checking some box to run it as 32, but no such box appears in the dialog window. Currently, when I open Live and then open Renoise, they both run fine, but independently of each other.

Does anyone here slave Renoise to Live? If so, could you please tell me how do you do it and what I’m doing wrong?


If Ableton is running as master and you start Renoise 32-bit version, usually Renoise detects if there is a master running. If it doesn’t propose to start up as a slave, either something with the Rewire from Renoise 32-bit is not correct. Easiest solution to exclude Ableton as the guilty party here, is trying another 32-bit edition daw like Reaper and see if you have the same problems.
From within Reaper you have to open Renoise as a slave device in the Rewire subnode of the effects list.

At the moment, we don’t package both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions together.

You must download specifically download and install the 32-bit version from the Backstage Area.

Thanks for your replies!

will my old Renoise songs that I composed in 64 bit run on a 32 bit version of Renoise? And if so, am I able to download 32 bit Renoise without purchasing another license?


There’s no difference at all in the actual Renoise song files when comparing the 32-bit and 64-bit builds, so your songs should load just fine in either version. You may run into some minor compatibility issues with certain VST/AU plugins, but otherwise Renoise’s plugin sandbox/bridging should take care of things.

If you bought Renoise 2.8 (for example) then your license covers everything from Renoise 2.8 up to and including 3.8, for Windows, Mac and Linux, in both 32-bit and 64-bit. You can install Renoise on any computer/platform that you own, as many times as you need to, as long as you remain the sole user of the software. Simply log into Backstage and grab the files :slight_smile: