Syncing Video In Renoise

Hey fellers,

I searched around for a topic about this, but “video” yields a lot of results and nothing immediately jumped out at me :)

I’m wondering if anyone has a good method of syncing video to Renoise. Obviously this isn’t a native feature, but is there a VST or third-party app that could do this? I’m set in my ways and can’t compose in anything but Renoise, but it’s a huge pain in the ass to score to video (which I’ve got to do for this latest project) and involves me trying to press the play buttons as accurately as possible (read: not very).

I saw another thread about how this might be a feature in 2.x… looking forward to that! But I wanted to check and see if anyone had figured out a good method of doing this in the time being.

Thanks guys!

If Renoise could supply a MIDI out to Resolume, then you’re in business. I plan to attempt this myself at some point.

I just tried it with midiyoke, seems to work but there’s a bit of lag to deal with.…st&p=110068

Isnt there a vst plug which works as a video player?



wicked. I am going to have a crack at that right now. i will report my findings if anyone needs me to.

yess, tell uz what u find.
i was tempted too but didnt tried it yet.


when i try to play video in reaper, having speed=16 and bpm=128 in renoise, video just doesn’t starts. if i set speed to a lower value, 4, for example - everything works. how to deal with this? any good ideas?

Speed or LPB?


Do you have access to the Beta version of Renoise?
Or did you tried the “Upgrade” button in the song properties in case you have?

I have set up Renoise and Reaper to sync with video files. First everything seemed to work, but while playing around with play position Reaper responded with very strange behavior. And it wasn’t in sync at all. I’m pretty sure I did everything exactly as the vV-s tutorial teaches.

Oh boy I’m in serious trouble :( I really need to get this working somehow with renoise.

p.s. Can I also send the audio of the video to Renoise?

I personally did not extensively tested how well video’s sync along.
Then you have different video formats that require at least a good codec to decode.
I doubt Reaper will decode the video’s itself but uses whatever media codec is registered in the registry for that video format and this again depends what codec you use for it.
Divx ofcourse decodes best with the original DivX codec but there are also video players that install and register a lot of output formats with their own subsidiary codec.

I guess the best video format to use with Reaper is uncompressed video, which is very large but at least plays fast. Compressed video has to be decoded first and will always cause troubles when tight synchronisation has to be done. Even if an application like Pinnacle Studio or Adobe Premiere would have supported synchronisation using MIDI Yoke, using compressed video will cause lots of extra uncalculated/ unpredictable delay into the process.

If Reaper allows you to route audio from a video track through ReaRoute, you can use the line-in device to pull back audio into Renoise and real-time process it. You’ll have to sample it in the sample editor in order to make it work with the render mode though.

The video-tutorial i put up was merely to show you how to get synchronisation between Renoise and an external host using MIDI yoke.
It was not made to guarantee you that Renoise and Reaper is the heaven on earth solution for every Renoise-to-external-host question.

Also if you route back MIDI Yoke to let Reaper master Renoise and vice versa and have this MIDI clock enabled, you get strange problems as well.

no. and according to the last post, this scheme is unusable for me, if there is no synchronization with video.

it is interesting, what software people use to compose soundtracks comfortably?

I’m doing my project in ableton live right now. runs well with video and has nice overview.
But i would have preferred Renoise if I only could sync it.

Hi there, new to this forum… It might be worth trying ffrend for your video needs. In my opinion, ffrend is the renoise of video. It can take midi input, but i’m pretty sure the latency you experienced with other programs is a result of the hardware/os you’re using and will probably be the same with ffrend. FFRend allows you to chain video effect plugins and use oscillators to control the parameters of the plugins. One of the plugins allows you to load a whole bunch of videos and trigger the next one and so on. It’s really an amazing program and it’s free. Try whorld as well (written by the same guy from the church of euthanasia : ) - youtube: wiiwhorld.

Somewhere else on the forum, someone mentioned the gigabyte iRAM (a hardware RAM disk). It may not be of much use to renoise, but it would be of serious use for ffrend and possibly to a midi loopback device such as midiox or loopbe (which i presume are performing software based loopback). if you installed the loopback and ffrend on the RAMdisk, i guess the performance would be greatly improved. This MAY improve the performance of loopback to synths as well.

MIDI latency on windows machines sucks. Hope this helps…

If we could do on Linux what we could do on Windows…
God the choice would be very easy.
But i have a couple of pretty expensive plugins that have no Linux equivalent.
(Perhaps a Mac equivalent, but i have no time to spend on a mac right now)

would be cool to add a video playback opportunity to renoise, and even better to have an ability to work with video fragments as with samples. :)

“If we could do on Linux what we could do on Windows…”

I’ve found midi in to xp machine miles slower than ubuntu studio. Is it all down to the drivers/interface? I’m just using a basic USB midi in and there’s no latency on ubuntu with this device, but it’s painfully slow in XP.

Agree about the plugins though, but used to sequence external hardware is my favourite use…