Synesthesia Ep Out Now!!!

Synesthesia EP out NOW on Bandcamp for $6.99!! …coming July 30th on Beatport and Juno Download [Another Chance/Only Good Shit Records]

All tracks made with Renoise.

very nice stuff!

Thanks for listening, much appreciated! The track “Random Access” will also be released on a FREE Bitcrusher/Bit Phalanx/Bad Sekta compilation any day now.

Bad Sekta


Congrats I’m instantly amazed by

  • the quality of the sound set,
  • the heavy rap/hip/hop/ big beats
  • the dozens of “in-your-face” lasergun granular fx you’re able to master
  • and your clear-but-so-powerfull mixing technique.

I replay the whole thing

omg I like the attack of your snare drum,
in synesthesia, so clean, and agressive
you’ve got a lot of simple but good ideas

the melodic aspect is fully driven by the bassline
powerfull, acid, phat, with so much presence than
you don’t nead other “lead parts”

I’ve played a lot of crazy ultrafast
overcompressed breakcore things
and often regretted that this whole
jam leaves no space anymore
and don’t allow musicians to express
more creativity nor listeners
to … headbang correctly.

thank god it won’t happen in this EP,

sorry …
Your EP simply ROCKS :yeah:

Thank you Kurtz…that really made my day. It might be one of the best things anyone has ever said about my music, I hope you don’t mind if I quote you lol. I tried to send you something in a PM but it wouldn’t let me, so check the comments on your profile.

Checked !
Yes, my PM isn’t working properly, I can’t access to it, even if I’ve successfully signed in, I’ve got an error message “[#10227] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system.”…
Anyway, I’ve just used your nifty code :w00t: : cool, I’ll burn a CD and play synesthesia on my car tomorrow ! :w00t:

thanx again and see you soon on this forum :)