Synth Explorer: DX7

The latest sample pack I’ve made for Loopmasters has been released! Lots of hits, loops and multi samples from the classic 1980s FM monster.




In Detail expect to find 484Mb 24Bit 44.1kHz Loops and sounds including 13 Bass Loops, 73 Music Loops, 1 Drum Loop, 20 Arp Loops, 3 Pad Loops, 39 Bass Stabs, 29 Lead Sounds, 51 Pad Shots, 55 Synth Hits, 43 SFX Sounds, 5 Multi Sampled Bass Instruments, 5 Multi Sampled Synth Instruments, 59 Drum Sounds, 110 Rex2 Files and 202 Soft Sampler Patches.

Currently on sale for £10.47!

You should check out the DSSI plugin called Hexter, it’s a near-perfect emulation of the DX7. Dunno if there’s any way to run that in osx, or in w**dows…

There’s a Hexter vst for windows that runs fine, but there’s also Dexed. They’re both perfect to the point that they can load actual dx7 patches. Dexed comes with a metric truckload of patches too, not that hexter doesn’t come with a lot.

Cool thanks! The laptop is a little bit more mobile than the dx7