Synth Explorer: Pro One

My latest (and biggest) Synth Explorer is out today with Loopmasters! Everything is sampled clean from the Synth with no effects at all - roughly 1Gb of samples, with 300+ Loops and 500+ One Hits.


This is the first Loopmasters pack to contain Renoise sampler patches! You can download a free taster pack if you register on their site.


Nice work!
Looking on my phone and it seems they didn’t credit you for what seems to me as a lot of work. :frowning:
I do hope it works out profitable for you too!
Will have a better look on my puter later.
Looks slick. Zang!

haha yeah the Synth Explorer series is Loopmasters own, but I don’t mind people not knowing!

I’ve made all but one of them