Synth Funk With Mia Doi Todd Guitar / Vocals


Some synth-funk with sampled acoustic guitar/vocals: Madame Buchant’s Federal Orchestra - Never Endless

I’m posting this tune for a bit of feedback, but I also have a question, because I’ve sampled heavily from Mia Doi Todd:

I’m using lots of completely recognizable samples from Mia Doi Todd - “My Room is White” and they are pretty integral to my track. In your non-legal opinion do you think this track is ethical and legal to post up to my non-commercial bandcamp page ( as long as I post clear notice of where the samples come from? Does anyone know of any guidelines I can use to base the decision off of?

Thanks (and enjoy!)

Maybe make it a free track on Bandcamp.

Personally I think as long as you’re not charging it’s fine. Obviously that is not a legal viewpoint but a personal, ethical one. And it’s always good to give props where they are due (sample acknowledgement) although it does make it easier for the people with the legal rights to find you if they want.