Synth Searched

i hope its the correct forum:
could anyone tell me what this is for a synth or know a vsti which sounds like this : ? 600kb

for me its important that the synth sounds like synths from 1985-1990 , vintage XD

For this kind of synth sounds you should try Synth1 by Daichi, it’s one of the best and it’s free. On top of that there are loads of tutorials on how to program it on youtube. I am sure with a little effort you can get it to sound exactly like your example.

thank you for responding! unfortunately i’m not a fan of this synth, because the interface is one of the badest usability behaviour i’ver seen. (and i know such tools since my c64 time ^^) and it does not have preference sounds.
however, this synth sounds really great and i try to get something out of it, but this editor is such a pain in the Azz… :(

For best emulation of 80-synths (by far!), have a look at Diva:

It is very CPU intensive. But it got IMO revolutionary filters I have never heard from a softsynth before.
It’s still not quite like the real hardware, but its really good.
Very good emulation of Roland juno, jupiter 8, korg ms-20, minimoog and more.


wohoo, this synth sounds really nice!! thank you for the nice hint! also good interface, very good delivered patches! regarding the cpu consumption: renoise needs 8 percent/core with one Diva. (1 core = 3ghz q6600). so i did not see big problems here. i’ll do a little multiarrangement with diva and report here later.

okay, after some testing with multiple diva instruments i can say: this synth is THE BEST I EVER HAVE HEARED! with 6-7 simultane played diva instruments my 3ghz quadcore is well stuffed oO
so the great instrument capture function of renoise should be used here.

Be aware that Diva got 4 different realtime quality settings.
It also heavily depends on the patch used. For instance use a lot of filter resonance and see the cpu consumption increase a lot.

hmm, can’t find this setting ? where i have to look! aaaaaaah, “Accuracy” m right ?

btw: the interface is very very good^^

pysj, pleas can you also give me a recommandation for a woman, it seems you know what i want g

LOL! BTW I can anyone else get that Synth1 working…What OS you on Gooze?? I’m trying to run it on OS X 10.5, I know it’s on beta for Mac but it should be working no?? Can’t get it to show up in Logic or Renoise.

i use windows, but you seriously dont miss much if you left this synth out; diva is hundret times better in all belongs.