Synthedit And Midi Out In Renoise.


i have one problem with my plugin, that i made in synthedit
Command Station VST

it is work any other host, only renoise do nothing, no midi out signal.
Work in cubaseSX, EnergyXT Reaper…
can somebody know why did not work?

one thing is need to turn off in renoise , auto suspend. coz this plugin did not generate singal.

thank you for your help.

Renoise has no internal Midi routing, if that is what your plugin does, then alas, it won’t be of any good use in Renoise. (not up til 2.7.2 at least but i suspect not until 3.0 either).

this is true?
how it can be, i dont understand this, i use msb and lsb or cc controllers inside my plugin.,.

Sorry, should have been more specific:
You can receive midi messages, but not sent, at least not to other plugins.

and what about the “midi device” dsp? it is work fine with outboard.!
so that can send midi, but vst cant? what’s the point of this?

it’s a limitation. i’m sure it’ll be fixed sooner rather than later.

i hope too, dont understand this limitation,

Any news about this midi out problem?


download here:

FYI, I’m using an external module to achieve this:

kool thx , i will chek it.


Thank you. thats work fine. i have that but i use default midi out. Thnak you!!! your r made my day…week :D
new version works fine,.
i try the learn function to get the sliders work but it is controll all of them,. but i chek midimon and cc/channel do u know somethuing about this,? how to fix them…
thank you!!!

did not work in beta7. everything is fine in the beta6

can you test it danoise?

Sure. You’re not receiving any output at all / what output do you expect to arrive from the selected port?

outputs not working in the vst… i try all of my outputs :D
but nothing happens. back to beta6 and it is work fine


  • synthedit use omni input…

[i]">i think Midi learn works in omni mode. It is not possible to sent Midi learn CC 1 on Midi cannel 1 and CC 2 on Midi channel 2.
Hi, Yeah. Just one channel.

Best Regards,
Jeff /"[/i]

I just installed the VST and tried it out in b6 to begin with. But no love so far…

I’m thinking that your VST has “hard-coded” output ports, because it’s listing a number of ports that I am certain I don’t have on my machine (for example, “E-DSP MIDI Port 2”). Still, I went through them one-by-one, trying to move faders and change selections in lists while monitoring every MIDI port on my system, but nothing happened.

To be able to detect output properly, it would be best if actual ports could be selected, because then I would try the same thing but using a virtual MIDI device.

i talk with jeff (synthedit owner), and he say one channle for all the learn CC’s
i dont know why synthedit remember the midi ports in a vst.

in the latest beta, i cant change any parameter!!!
not working, in beta 6 it is working fine!!!