Synthedit: Anybody Making Vst's With It?

Wondering if we have any users on the forum who’re making VST plugins with Synthedit? I’ve downloaded some cool VST’s made with it - wondering if anyone had any good pointers for getting started in it; tutorials; etc?

I’ve found the online forums and groups somewhat dry - wouldn’t mind hearing about other people’s experiences with Synthedit… The idea of making my own VST plugins is pretty exciting… particularly FFT shit.

most vsti’ made of it are using too much cpu…better to run them offline and render the sequences made.

I tried synthedit but I didnt like it. I am using reaktor 3 and synthedit is very, very hard and minimal compared to reaktor. Actually I cant see how people can do good things with synthedit, there is so very much stuff missing in there, even some of the most basic stuff.

Shame to hear about the CPU usage… I’ve downloaded a lot of fairly interesting VST plugs made with it; but they were largely delay based; haven’t tried any VSTi’s - the interface is definitely clunky but being able to add your own components if you can work in C++ is another plus… my C++ personally is limited to “hello world” but maybe that’ll change. Who am I kidding?

As a sidebar; it’s unreal how many people make delay and phaseshifting VST effects; in general. It boggles my mind that there should be any need for 30 different iterations of phase shifting effects… man; I wish someone would just make a “browntone” plugin with all the time they’ve spent making Phase Shifters.

end rant.

well, the really funny thing is that although there are like 50+ delay effects out there (each one being “alot different”) I couldnt get any delay effect offering some things I needed, and I had to make them myself in reaktor.
I would have liked to do them in Synthedit instead, but I just couldnt.

same goes for a few other effects.

SynthEdit is free though, Reaktor costs lot of money ;)

thats the big problem :(

anybody ever tried
OutSim’s SynthMaker?

well, surely you don’t because it is not publicly available yet, but there is something similar called sm_3x, which is done with SynthMaker and allows modules interconnections to create VSTi’s.

Once available, SynthMaker will let you create your own VST fx/instruments.

Seems pretty cool!
Too bad I can’t try it out now because I’m going on vacation today
(oh nooo!! vacations!!! :( :angry: :rolleyes: ).

I hope I will find some info about it by anyone who wants to try it out (QuasiMojo, looza, escii should be particulary interested).