SynthEdit plugins not showing as registered


This has me stumped.

Purchased some commercial plugins, which are built in SynthEdit. They registered fine when loaded in Reaper, and continue to load in new sessions properly registered. However, the same plugins in Renoise show as unregistered. I’ve been back and forth with the developer and we are now both stumped why the plugs work in one instance but not another.

So, do anyone have any idea what would be causing this and how to fix it?

I am running Win 8.1 64bit, latest 64bit Renoise. Plugins are 32bit (SynthEdit). Only virus/malware I have running is the standard Microsoft Security Essentials as I keep this machine off the net apart from authorising things.


Try running Renoise as admin once and register the plugins, then they should stay registered even when not running Renoise as admin.

Old versions of synthedit plugins (maybe even new ones) do tend to write stuff into directories which are write protected in “modern” Windows versions (Windows 7 or later).

This maybe works in Reaper because of Windows’ Virtual Storebackwards compatibility feature. This virtual store thing is disabled in Renoise cause we had other problems with it in the past and such stuff really should be fixed in plugins.