Synthesizer blues// Downtempo saw wave rock

Ok… The only thing, where I believe I am falling short is: “A bit more manipulation of the actual beat.” We are each on our own learning curve, that is for sure, and I know where I could have done better, and I also know, “where I am pushing myself,” to go with this type of stuff… but unfortunately, this time around, the actual beat did not come where I wanted it…

However!! I am really happy with the, “space, and depth,” here. And I am, “ok,” with the arrangement. And I am kinda taking where I am taking my drum sound… Sitting over the bass freqs like that, but as I said… Little bit of a failure here, with the actual components of the beat, and also their sonic variation.

(uses vst’s) however, 100% mix-mastered Renoise = Zen!

Thanks for the listens