Synthetik FM - Soul (Renoise demo)

Just finished this demo today. Still rough, but I think you’ll like. Tried to give this an R&B, Hall and Oates feel to it.

As before, no samples. In fact, I had to layer 4 vst’s just to get the snare drum. And the Kick? Hahaha CS-33 VST, after much bending.

Removed that version, added in a full version today with hardware synths from my studio (Korg Poly 800 mkII, Kawai K1 mkII, Yamaha DX-100) … a BIG improvement:

Nice, happy, good mood melodies. :)
The drums are sounding to soft, there is missing more punch.

Nice! Makes you feel easy!

The drums are a bit too “shy”, but nice track nevertheless. :)