Hey guys, I’m new here. I saw that there was a forum for Renoise and what else could I do to join the Renoise-sympathizers :)
I’m 19 years old and have been using trackers since i was little. Started with Fasttracker, then moved on to Madtracker and since I found out about Renoise I’ve been stuck with it. Just love it.

Anyway, I just wanted to post one of my songs (Made with Renoise 1.2). It’s sort of a test-tune i made during the time i learned to use Renoise, just playing with the standard blues-twelve. The instruments are made completely with the VST-plugin “Satyr” plus some random drumsamples.

Link (Rapidshare):

Hope you like it! =)

yo, first thing that came to my mind was the urge to play “transport tycoon”. Im sure this would sound alot fatter with a more updated sample dir, tho this is as far away from my musicstyle as it could probably come but nevertheless welcome to renoise forums and a good first post! :P

welcome to the point of no return :P

This is a far cry from what I would normally indulge in. But that said, I was entertained! (and what I normally like is generally regarded as “crap”, “noise”, etc)

transport tycoon hahaha! I love that game!

PS: its nice to see I’m no longer the youngest member of this liddle community!

Hehe thank you very much! Glad some of you like’d it. Btw Transport Tycoon is fun :)

I loved the leads you used. I am in this 8 bit sort of mood lately so I happen to think they sound excellent.

All depends on YOUR intent I guess. I enjoyed it very much. Really put a smile on my face.

This song would just be too funny in a porn movie :)
It certainly has humour :)

There is some nice tracking in it!

It reminds me of one of the songs in Comic Bakery. :)

Ah, this one put a smile on my face! :D

You have at least four things: Humour, musical talent, a nack for a REAL cheesy sound and a future career as a comedy-porno composer. :P

Looking forward to your next post, welcome to the club young buddy!

Hihihi, Kriko, I really like your song! :)
But hey… You could have used simple pulse waves and saws instead of the VSTi, so you could share the module.

Anyways, more synthjazz songs from you, please! Really enjoy your work.

Whoaw. :walkman: This little ditty would’ve been totally wasted on porn. It should be played on every means of public transport and in all waiting areas. All the time, on endless repeat. It would make the world work again. Have any more?

Hehehe Comedy-porno composer :D

Yeah, well I have always loved jazz and music from the 80’s, especially simple synth’s (triangle wave, square wave), cool bass-synths etc. so this was kind of the perfect mix song for me to do =) So I spent much time on trying to get a nice sound.

Currently, Im not working on any synthstuff though. Actually I’m working with a live-recording on Sawyers Tune from Transport Tycoon that I think I’m gonna submit to Overclocked ReMix :)

If anyone want’s to make some nice synthinstruments I can recommend Satyr (VSTi), you can make really cool sounds with it! plus you can use it right inside Renoise 8)
Can be downloaded for free from here:…p?page=freevsti

Thanks all you guys for your nice replies!