Synthspace Sounds?

I am a big fan of that late 80’s melodic “Italo Disco sound” as performed by Laserdance, Koto, Proxyon, Daylight, Ciber People etc. (Today, that genre is often called “Synthspace”.)

Where can I get the wonderful sounds they use in these tunes? Not the original, of course, but similar compilations or emulations. (Particularily the sounds used for pads and melody.) Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

for 5 bucks, buy some crappy “old” synths from second hand… :D

Yeah right… like… a minimoog for 5 bucks… or… a dx7 for 5 bucks… or… was it 5k bucks?


I would recommend two free synths.
The freealpha+also download the extre presets to it…

To get the presets tp work you have to open them inside the free alpha synth.

And superwave P8 which is also free.

I’ll try the suggested VST’s right away.

A little correction to myself: The genre I was refering to is generally called “Spacesynth” and not “Synthspace”.

Some audio-samples from this genre I just found:

nah, i was after something like toy synths or something…

but seriously, v-station rocks in everyway!!! recom to check it out!

Indeed it does, Robert, indeed it does.

I can recommend few nice VSTi’s from Krakli.
It’s free and sounds very typifying.
Get it here: