Sysex In Api?

Is it possible to send/receive sysex messages in API currently? I didn’t see a filter in the MIDI preferences, so I’m guessing no, but asking to be sure.

The APC40 works somehow in Duplex, and I’m pretty sure that needs sysex?

At the moment, we don’t really do anything special with SysEx data in Renoise itself (hence no filter), but you can of course send/receive such messages with the Lua API. You can pretty much send/receive whatever you want to, as long as you format/parse the MIDI data in the correct way.

In order to receive SysEx, you can optionally pass in a callback function when creating your MidiInputDevice via renoise.Midi.create_input_device(). This callback will then receive the SysEx messages.

In order to send SysEx, you can use the standard send() function of the MidiOutputDevice, but you must wrap the message with a particular prefix/suffix that identifies it as a SysEx message.

You can find more details in Renoise.Midi.API.lua in Renoise’s /Scripts/Documentation/ directory.

For real world examples, you might check out the SysEx Librarian tool, or take a peek at the code in MidiDevice.lua which is part of Duplex. You can also check out the Midi.lua snippet in the XRNX code repository.

Late reply to an awesome response. Thanks very much dblue.