System Requirements For 1.2.8 Final?

Have: Compaq Armada 1700, PII 266mhz, Windows 98 SE, 64meg (will be upgrading to at least 128meg), 5gig hard drive

Want: To run some version of Renoise for ideas and chiptune fiddly nonsense

Couldn’t find the sys reqs for 1.2.8 or any other specific release except the current one. Also, if I’m outta luck with this what minimalistic tracker would you recommend for this system?

EDIT: Dream Station seems kinda cool –


:lol: Looks like 128megs is $22.99 + shipping from

I got the thing 'cause I needed a hardwired parallel port and Win98 for some old backup hardware but I’d like to put it to a little more creative use if possible.

I have used Renoise 1.8 on a Celeron II 766 notebook with 192MB and Win98 with no problems. Of course, the system cannot handle any modern VSTi.

Thanks, that encouraging.

Unfortunately, I’m getting an error that says something like “Command Release failed” so I’ll need to do some more research.

forgot to mention I’d use Milkytracker

Cool, that’s a familiar name that I’ve never checked out.

In light of the 2.0 release, I think this is my chance to get back the the “roots” that I never had so I can better appreciate all that I do have. :)

I was able to run modplug tracker and milkytracker on a p166, so you should be fine with trackers like these.