T-Shirt Mobile Phone Charger

This gets my goat though:
“When used at music festivals with sound levels of about 80 decibels, the same as a busy street, it will generate six watts over a weekend.”

I hate people who don’t know what they’re talking about writing these articles and then them getting regurgitated by more retards!

A Watt is a measurement of Power, not Energy, so is a constant flow and can not accumulate over time (that’s why there is such a measurement as Watt Hours.) So does it hope for an average of 6 Watts? Peak at 6 Watts when at 80dB areas? Is it talking about 6 Watt Hours over a three day festival?

My phone battery claims to hold 3.3Wh. Given that, assuming Orange have any sense and gave it a 5V USB connection, seems to tie up quite well with 6Wh over the weekend just about charging the battery…

Still not a bad idea though.

Another article mentions: