'Tab'-Key Function (When Manually Editing Values)

correct me if i’m wrong, but the (expected) functionality of the ‘tab’-key does not work when manually editing values. i discovered this when i wanted to move all mixer sliders to -3dB by typing in the value. i figured it would be logical to be able to use ‘tab’ to move to the next box, but a push of the button simply gave me a tab-sized whitespace after the value is just entered.

could you kind developer people please consider adding this functionality?

anyone? + or - or something useful?

bumping it again. nobody even remotely interested, or ran into this sometime? i’d really like this, as the current function of ‘tab’ in value fields is pointless - there is no need to type in a tab. so let’s put the key to some better use. please.

This has been mentioned before, for example for the pattern description fields, for tabbing between them instead of adding a few spaces, dunno if this has yet been implemented, but your suggestion would be handy as well, though I rather have the ability to mouse select multiple faders, hold a modifier or something like ctrl to select the ones you want and/or drag them all at the same time with the mouse :) .

I also suggested this some versions ago during alpha stage. If I remember well, there was a technical limitation preventing this at that time. I don’t know if the limitation is still there, though

@it-alien: thanks for replying. i’d like to know if there’s a technical thing preventing this too. seems sort of strange to me, as tab-functionality is quite a common feature (at least on Windows) - but then, i’m no programmer.