Tagging Air Force One

“You, the viewer of the preceeding are hereby advised that the video does not depict a real event. … The producers, creators and distributors of this video hereby verily certify that the foregoing fictionalization and dramatization was not real.”


That means, do read and think or in other words: Don’t believe the hoax :wink:

i wouldnt belived it anyway :) Bush sure has too many enemies to have such a week security :)

“Copying, duplication and distribution of this video is encouraged.”

I would be very happy if larger movie producers and distributers would tag that on most of their great product boxes one day…

never underestimate the power of an Idiot. :lol:

Mark Ecko is retarded. He probably just ruined his “street cred” with about a million taggers and hip hop heads. What’s even dumber is that once you know it’s a hoax, then you gotta figure he used “still free” and lame psuedo “rebellious” politics to sell his shit, he’s no better than a politician in that aspect. Who wants to buy rebellion? :rolleyes: