Takao - Souvenirs EP

Hey a new EP from me! All completely made in renoise. It’s kind of my take on the wonky housey tunes that I’m digging at the moment. All very sample based but mangling them up to create something completely new.


Humis :


Souvenirs :


Shame For You :


Or bandcamp :


The EP is free to download, let me know what you think! All done by me: production, mixing, mastering, doodling and artwork.

Thanks very much man, glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

OMG. I think i won’t have to understand why this thread doesn’t have at least 20 review posts since the 17th of june that mention how awesome this is?!

Well, at least i can tell you in all honesty that this EP is most probably the best thing that happened to me on the renoise song forum since 2003 as a listener.

Totally hitting a sweet spot here - especially with “Souevenirs”.

There’s so much sophistication that went into these tracks… strong arrangements that never get boring and optimally deliver the vibe and soul of the tracks.

Great instrumentation / choice of samples… all very coherent and fluently integrated. Production quality/mastering is also top notch and easily is at professional level.

Thanks for delivering this kind of quality to the forums !

ps. if you want to keep a backup of the .xrns on my HDD, let me know :wink:

Great stuff. Bass on that ‘Souvenirs’…just super :slight_smile:


Nice work!!


Very nice and smooth, I like especially “Humis”

Definitely great songs. All of them made me feel relaxed. The best tune was “Shame For You” (the filtered groove). Keep it up and I hope a lot of success in this album! :slight_smile:

Really blown away by the feedback from everyone on here! Thanks especially to keith303, probably the nicest review for one of my tunes I’ve ever had… I’m really getting into these “organic” sounding melodic house tracks so hopefully there’ll be more :slight_smile: