Take The Leader Test!

First time i took the 45 question one and ended up beeing bill clinton, but that wasnt über enough so i retook it, only this time the 9 question one. Adolf wasnt that complicated.

Take it here :P

Pretty poor result I think…

I feel pretty much insulted by this compareance.
Though it’s just based upon 9 questions.

The 45 questions result seems to be very different,

What a difference 36 questions can make.

45 Questions:

But I was Saddam when I did 27 questions… so I guess Einstein and Hussein are not so different. ;)

Saddam doesn’t look very different from Einstein currently, either.

i did 45 and got einstein as well

There are only 9 leaders you are being compared to so that’s not so surprising:

What is Einstein doing amongst these people anyway?