Take The Red Pill

Think not what Renoise can do for you, but what you can do for Renoise!

Download Mp3: Take The Red Pill

A little seasonal gift for you all: a new song! I’ve been recently inspired by the new beta version of Renoise, with stacks of new features that are showcased in this song. In particular a new featured called the ‘Pattern Matrix’ spurned inspiration about the Matrix Movie and Neo’s choice of the red or blue pill – red to face reality and exit from The Matrix, or blue to continue the illusion and remain inside. This is a fairly crazy high energy song and I suppose could be the soundtrack to anyone taking the red pill. The song was written entirely on headphones on my laptop, just after moving to Brisbane. Lucky for some of you that are beta testing the new 2.5 version of Renoise, I’m offering the XRNS file so you can load it in Renoise and see how I did it all:

Take The Red Pill XRNS File (for editing in Renoise)

Note: this XRNS and master have been updated to sound better, and to work in beta 4 onward.

Cheers! …And stay safe.

nice little christmas gift…renoise 2.5 blew my head, too;)

happy x-mas!


Really really nice man :D

EDIT: I love the mix between ambient, rhythmic, I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s great :D

Thanks guys. Yeah who knows how to box my stuff these days? It’s just me and my mashed up mess of influences.

Really great track this one.

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This track is just a great trip. I like it lots. 2.5 sounds like it is going to be amazing. I think the pattern matrix opens up doors, upon doors.

I’m actually not one who enjoys doing beta’s…


But I am anxiously awaiting 2.5’s release.

Anyways, your music is killer. This tracks a keeper for the collection. Just fantastic!

Aw! Warm thanks to Suva and 2 daze j. Mucho appreciated! :D

2.5 pwns.

Chill stuff, heard it before…but with multicore-glitch if I remember correctly :) Can’t hear if you changed many things, but the track is a nice spacey journey. Like the 80’s style synths and production.

Jonas I just refined the mix, corrected the signal follower settings and just made sure that everything translates across speaker systems. And it’s been mastered to tape, so all sorts of magic has happened to the sound…

Chill? Gosh this is pretty energetic by my ears. I guess it’s not spasmkore…

am i the only one who is freaking out over the super high frequencies? it really makes it unbearable to listen… (it’s like real pain in my ears…) :blink: which is such a shame cuss normally i’m really enjoying what you do.

so, please, tell me, why doesn’t anyone else hear it ? are my ears broken ? :unsure:

Listened to the .xrns, not the mp3 on my shitty soundcard / headphones combo, sounded crisp with some minor shrieking, but not unbearable. Yep, some of the sounds & especially the glitches are high freq dominant and could use some tuning. Coming from someone whose hearing limit is 16500 Hz, this is pretty lol.

Yeah p7 I still don’t fully empathise with your point of view (going off our previous discussion on IRC). To me there is no ‘pain’ but certainly ‘intensity’. But nevermind, in some ways it’s just a demotune and if it were an album release with vocals I wouldn’t release it until it were beyond perfect. One tune can’t please everyone!