Taking It One Step Further

Hey, I’ve noticed that quite alot of Renoise users are getting their tracks in albums, getting signed, and getting the chance/offer to play live.

Which ones of you have gotten the privilege to do any of the above, and how did you go about doing it?

Did you simply put your tracks on myspace?
Send a CD to a record label?
Hand out CDs to local clubs?

Not that ive done it myself yet, but sending tracks to the dj’s u like in your scene is a good idea. Also search around for online radio stations, and the up and coming dj’s who play on those. Once again send links ect. Maybe try contacting new labels, or establised ones u like, and send them some tunes whatnot. The more u get your music out the the more chance u have i guess!

also of course, if u are a dj then play your tunes out here and there :)

Not yet signed on a serious label but I manage to have some gigs here and there. :D

And yes the most efficient way is just put your tracks on myspace and make some friends. This will do fine for a while.

My music only garners minor interest from here and people I know. So I just try to present it the best I can through my website. The work is then up, cleanly presented, and there for posterity. Doing anything more than this would be qualified as a ‘waste of money’.

Can I also add:

Thinking and stressing over all aspects of this subject area is a sure way to endless misery. Wisdom dictates that avoidance of any of the commercial emotional investments with ‘taking it to the next step’ and get on with the task of enjoyment of music and learning the craft of best expressing the muse. Do it as a serious hobby, have serious fun, but - don’t convince yourself that jumping on a sinking unethical ship is the ‘right thing to do’.

Just put it out there. There are very few people who are truly into music we are into. If one or two of them come along and say they dig it, that’s it, job done. The rest is your own personal journey.

I think it’s all about connections. An easy way to do that is to put your music on MySpace, dress it up a little, and make alot of “friends”.
It’s important that you send out demo’s. Try offering the label something unique.

Naturally, your music must be up to par :)

I run a label. Instead of golf, or some other middle class hobby, my money goes there. I make no money. I have thrown away thousands of dollars. I have a room full of unsold merchandise which takes up space that could be far better utilized. I can tell you here and now, there is no “next step”.

Music (as merchandise) is business, circumstance, connections, peer group, talent, and chance.

In that order.

I don’t believe in such thing as a waste of money.
Every hobby costs money! and making music is my hobby so it will cost some…

I’m putting out an album in juli so I can sell some, give away some and send some to serious labels. so the “Taking it one step further” will be that some people will have my cd in their collection. :rolleyes:

Offcourse I can release it online and it will cost me nothing, but I think there are just to much netlabels and internet releases, 90% of them are crap because everyone can do it, and most people who run the netlabels are going for quantity and not for quality.

I think if you put money in your music, you take your own music seriously.

… and then it’s hoping someone else does too :)
but I agree that investing in your music is not a waste
of money… if you can spend money on better equipment,
why not invest it in pressing your own (demo) cd’s? the goals
may be different, but the passion behind it is not.

do some shameless networking and self promotion - chances are that if you bang on about yr music enough some promoter / label guy will believe the hype.

i thought all you had to do was sample some Lo-Bat and put hipster indie vocals over the top? then steal artwork from established artists, like that guy who did some album covers for venetian snares. then you just let an angry mob of chiptune fans on the net publicise you by claiming you violated the creative commons license. channel all of this through pitchfork media and you’re on your way!