Talk About Love...

My girlfriend just sent me lunch AND flowers to where I work.

First time ever that something like this happened to me.

Looks like I’m doing my job right. ;)

man, talk about love… :)

You can call yourself a lucky man :)

As far as I remember, love was always very, very close to pain to me…

:lol: this is more guilt though.

She’s been giving me a hard time because I “don’t spend enough time with her.”

I can’t, grad school is crewing me over.

So she went to talk her psychologist yesterday, I become a topic of conversation, and I’m positive that the psychologist told her to “watch out or you’re gonna mess this up.”

Hence, food, flowers and apologies today.

And that’s how it should be! B)

my gf sent me flowers @ work one time on our anniversary, that was pretty cool