Talking About Longtrack…elease.php?id=7

This is actually their second outing in the longtrack-forum, also check out their 1 minute massacre. It’s even got covers!! Man, these people are awesome…

I’m gonna fill up my HDD with free music!!

Oh, and while talking about this: What are your favourite free netlabels?

Some of the tracks in the 24 hours Masacre sound like the lazy bummer who did the part didn’t wanted to put something good in it… It’s not Masacre in those few cases, but utterly crap but because there were so many composers and also mucho good parts, i was tempted to keep listening.

That’s probably the irony behind 24 hours utterly cr… ehmm Masacre.

The 24 hour massacre wasn’t exactly awesome, nop, but the 1minute massacre is a good one!

I am more the kind of these challenges and alike:…ects.php?id=134

Though the sample is over 400Kb in size, it would have been more fun if it would have been just one wave-form sample of 100 bytes in size max. :P
I still have too much wave-shaping power with the supplied sample.

Has some post been deleted, or is my brain getting sick??

Hm, finish it and report it as news on