Tallis: A New Track By Yours Truly

Just finished this one up today! Let me know what you think!


Interesting piece of music!

I like the drums in this, and the strings at the start are very nice as well :)

The only thing that I would like to change, is the part after 2:30.

The strings disappear, and that’s alright, but I kind of expected the strings to come back later in the song, seeing as they were kind of the “them” for the tune, you know?
What I’d do is to bring the strings back later in the tune, after a small break, but maybe stronger, or with hi hats, or maybe an additional instrument.
Or maybe all the above.

i like the intro but as soon as you start changing the rythm i don’t like it anymore :) you need something else than the rythmic change there, not sure what tough it’s difficult with those strings loops. the strings remind me of the movie score “unbreakable” :)

thank you both for listening and giving some feedback.