Tangerine Dream Covers

Finally managed to finish (almost, the other one is still WIP) two tracks which I have been working on at the same time. Both are total remakes of Tangerine Dream’s tracks which are pretty unknown to larger audience. Got inspiration after getting 6 cd’s of TD music a while back.

Track 1: The Hooligan: Dolphins Dance
Track 2: The Hooligan: Tangram Solution (v0.5)


Addition: Streethawk - The elevator version

Addition: The Hooligan featuring Tobbana: Streethawk

A quick collaboration with Tobbana/Byterapers, just for fun :)

Awesome, I’ll have to check these out later, I LOVE TD, especially the early stuff :D

Nice, even though like I said, I really like the early stuff A LOT more than the later stuff. Thanks for sharing