tap sequencing in renoise

apologies if this topic has been asked before, but I did a quick search and probably used the wrong search terms entirely

I have a CME Bitstream 3x that I’m using for my liveset, which I’d like to treat like a Renoise based drum machine to use alongside vinyl and CDs to add drum fills and whatnot. The bitstream has 8 buttons on it that I’d like to use for different drum sounds, similar to the 909’s “tap” style of sequencing.
Unfortunately I can’t quite figure out how to map these buttons properly. Anybody have advice on what to do?

Again, sorry if I’ve missed an obvious thread.

This one?

I’m guessing that the buttons on the CME output control change messages, which are meant for parameters, and no good for triggering samples.

However, it should be possible to rewrite those messages into MIDI notes, which can then trigger specific samples in Renoise
(if you send notes on different channels they can even play different instruments, this is something you can set up in the Renoise instrument settings)

To perform on-the-fly rewriting of messages you need a MIDI conversion utility (like MIDI-OX for PC), and a virtual MIDI cable driver - there are a few ones around (free as well as commercial)

Hope this helps!

yeah I realized that the way I have things set up with the lauflicht step sequencer is pretty much the best bet for working with DJing right now

I’ll do 909 style sequencing when I actually HAVE a 909

D’oh, you call it tap style sequencing and I think about tapping the buttons as a sample trigger.

I think the correct term is ‘step sequencing’, which is exactly what the lauflicht is about :slight_smile:

Btw: Check out this article from back in may, it covers some of the sequencing tools (including the lauflicht)

no I’m talking about using the buttons as a sample trigger
there’s just not a way that I can do it that’s as easy as the way I have my launchpad set up

thanks for the help though lol

(that’s the kind of sequencing I was talking about, by the way)

As an example, Hitori Tori triggers patterns from his control surface, not samples… Do you want behavior like that?