Tap Tempo!

Man, being able to tap in BPM/Speed would be a really amazing feature… I play live a lot and for playing with other musicians, being able to tap the tempo would enable me to not have to start the song; I could come in after the other musicians. What do you think?

very good one!!

btw, what does “tap tempo” mean? :D


Sorry should have been more clear. It’s similar to the way you can “TAP” delay times in as well as key them in in milliseconds… basically you tap the mouse button on a button marked “tap tempo” to the beat speed you’re trying to match, and it matches the bpm to that.

so if i was listening to a guitar player play a riff, i would tap on each beat, and after a bar, the tap calculator would switch to that bpm.

most delay units have this feature, and few more dj-focused audio apps have it for bpm. i am most definitely not a dj, but it’d be a really handy feature for syncing up with live musicians without forcing them to play to a click track.

i would really, really, REALLY love this feature.

Its a nice feature, a workaround could be that you are the only one who hears a tap patterns then you adjust the taps to the same beat that the musicians are playing…

Good suggestion! Sonar has it too, and it’s great to set the initial tempo if you have something going on in your head. A lot of hardware groovebox/sequencers have this feature too. I like it :D