Tapco S8 Problems

Hi guys,

let me know if you can direct me to a solution here. My right tapco s8 is rumbling randomly. Almost like from time to time the bigger cone can’t handle bass sounds, almost like the signal is “hot”. This is only happening on the right speaker.

I’ve tried changing the cables, changing the set up on the mixer, fiddling around with teh sound card connections, and the problem comes on and off.

Is this a speaker issue? Is there anything else I should try. Is it time to sell it and get new ones :(

Please let me know.


Are those self-powered modules or are they attached to an amplifier? (meaning, you can’t swap the monitors on output right?)
Measuring the characteristics from the electronic components might give you some idea if there is a broken part in the right speaker.

self powered. how can I proceed with the measurement?

Btw, thx for the response.

I doubt something is wrong with the coil as your problem happens at a random. It might be a capacitor somewhere that fails working. I don’t know how the internal electronics are currently nowadays but in the past i just measured various resistor values from different parts on the print of the good speaker (or the good side of the amplifier) and then did the same with the broken side. I replaced that component of which the values deviated the most to the good side. It worked out in a lot of cases, in worse cases i had to attach an oscillator to the different components just to see if any transistor / capacitor was functioning the same as the good side. This is a trick that applies quickest only if you don’t have information and tables how these components should behave and what values they should have.
For Resistors it is still reasonably easy because the color code tells you what the values supposed to be, but other components nowadays only give a way type numbers and model numbers.

I’ve been out of it too long.
For me the quickest way is to bring it to the handyman and let him puzzle it out so i can do some gaming instead ;)

exactly. I’m really not qualified to be playing around trying to fix electronics. I might have to take to to someone to check it.

Thx for the help man!

Yeah, sorry forgot about that too, but this is a rare malfunct. Magnets rarely misalign unless they get overheated or are influenced by other strong magnet sources nearby