Tassman In 1.27

When I open VSTi Tassman in renoise 1.27, I only see a Frame and this doesn’t happen in Renoise 1.2. Could somebody tell me what to do??

Thax A lot!!


…I have to tell you that it does work, I do hear the instruments, but I can look through the frame.

(…By the way, it cant be said enough…Renoise is a dream come true.)
:D :D :yeah: ) It cracked a smile (after a year of confusion, I didn’t know what to do to make professional tracker music, I thought I had to learn a complete different music program, but héééeeeeee, there came Renoise.)

I am convincing my friends and everbody else that they have to try Renoise (if they’re not familiar with another program yet) No, I tell ‘em about it and the program convinces them. That’s my way of showin’ respect.

Keep it up (I’ll follow)

(Damn, I got a little bit mellow becaus of this weed here, man…whtvr)

Thanx and Peace…

(Tassman 2…)

Does anyone have this problem with another VSTi or something???



Thanxxxxx <_<

I’ve just checked Renoise 1.281 with Applied Accoustics Tassman 3.0.2
It work’s ok here. No empty frame - interface showing and workin’ correctly…


Let’s Try that one…

Thank you very much!!