Teach Me The Sacred Scripts!

I just kinda learned a tiny ity little bit about scripting. It seems like something that could be used to create some very powerful tools.

Can you guys give me a good overview on what scripting is and how it can be used?

You also want to learn a specific scripting language?
Javascript, Visual Basic Script, Python, Lisp?

@vV: since this is posted in the XRNS forum, I’d think OP is thinking about Renoise+Lua scripting?

Here is the basic introduction to scripting in Renoise

Lua scripting info in general

Lua for beginners

Scripting in Renoise is based on “vanilla” lua, with only the basic features enabled PLUS the Renoise API
When you script Renoise, the API will call methods inside Renoise, so the execution time is quite fast (really it depends on how much you make the script do stuff, compared to making Renoise do stuff…)

Once you’ve gained a bit of understanding, try to open the scripting console in Renoise and click the “testpad.lua” file to enter code directly into Renoise, which you then can execute.

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