Tears Of A Distant Sun


spoiler: http://ukitakumuki.deviantart.com/art/Tears-of-a-distant-sun-112733722

moody track, like the continuous drone underneath. Drums sound dry and weak compression-wise imo and don’t cut through the mix enough. I’d try and emphasize the kick some more, add some subb to and try searching for extremes in the sounds that you use, maybe :D .

i think you’re right, i had the same feeling about the drums when i was listening to the song but i had a hard time making it work with the drone and the pad-ish melody and i didn’t want to risk ruining the idea/atmosphere so i settled with “if you can hear them, it’s good enough.” :D
i rarely mess with subbass because my speakers aren’t that great (i think).

Nice drone and i agree with jonas add some nice sub :)

i didn’t expect that sub would be so important. ^^

maybe i should have said this before but i don’t revisit songs after i have decided that they are done. i have very limited time to make music so i’d rather work on another song than polish a specific one. all your feedback is greatly appreciated tho!

Sub will make it much deeper :)