[tech-house] Cie - Ree


I would be happy about comments on this one. :)

Title: Ree
Style: Tech-House

-> Download

awesome, loving the buildup and feel it gives me.

maybe change the strings at 2:30/3:22 a bit.


yep still think the strings need some work there, perhaps only the sound of it.

overall i like it ! catchy…


yeah, would recommend that too. but its a rockin track!
thanks for sharing.

Hey mate.

Yeah the track is nice…

A few things…

  1. The synth noise at the start is way too bright. LPF it a bit, or maybe just turn the volume down. Bring it back in later in the track to add some movement to the composition. You do this as teh track starts to kick in, but I reckon the start of the track is too harsh.

  2. It seems to peak too soon. Maybe let it build up more, or add a semi peak in there at the first break.

  3. The strings dont really complement the rest of the track as they are. Turn them down and let the Bassline wobble rule the track for a bit more until a later drop.

All in all this is cool. Just need to tweak it and make it darker.

although i was hoping for something more minimal and less melodic (minus strings) after the first few beats, this is still a very neat tune.
more please :)

Thank you very much for listening and giving (nice and helpful) comments. :)