Technical Questions for Renoise Coding Guru

Hi, I have a unique application and was wondering if there was a technical guru / Renoise developer who could answer the following questions?

1.) Is Renoise 64-bit float math? (if not, don’t worry about the remaining questions)

2.) Can Renoise accept 32-bit fixed (integer) ASIO data w/o truncation or bit reduction? I’m thinking, for instance, of Dante/AVB mult-track 32-bit-fix audio data streaming in over Ethernet, via Dante VSC ASIO driver.

3.) Can Renoise process 32-bit-fix (integer) data w/o truncation or bit length reduction?

4.) Can Renoise save processed 32-bit PCM data in a 32-bit-fixed file format, such as 32-bit WAV?

yes, I’m aware that 24-bit PCM data is overkill for normal dynamic range audio, but I have a unique application that could use additional contiguous bits.

Thanks so much!
Driz al Draz