Techno Arrangements


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It took a little bit longer as two weeks to finish the track, but here it is:

As AnnonAshera said, I tried to hear what’s coming next with my musical ear, maybe my musical ear is not that creative but I’m really pleased with the result.

Just make one linear curve to the top/end - a bit like the classic by New Order - Confusion.

Very minimalistic, very functional.

There is 2 ways of thinking…

First: you are a “proud of yourself onanist” and you do music for you and you don t follow any rule and you don t care about it because you will never sell your music , it s too good for others :D

Second: you are a techno composer and you compose tracks for dj’s, to make records who ll be played in parties.

in this second case follow a simple rule: the rule of mix

start with the beat (intros are never played) simple
grow the beat and announce the theme discretely
mini break, the maintheme starts (the dj put off the other record)
do what you want until 1,30 mn to the end
ungrow the theme (the next record is coming with his simple beat)
ungrow the beat to make a cool outro and let space for the growing theme of next record
you can be even more precise by following exact number of sequences to make it perfectly sync with techno standart but i don t like so much this idea.
the first minute and the last minute has to be simple to let it mixable, that s the most important. If you don t do that, dj’s will have problems to mix it well and won t play your track!


Of course, within this structure you can do whatever the f**** you want, and mess around with anything, but if you are making techno for a party, you need to follow this.

Within this structure, you do still have a hell of a lot of freedom to do anything you like (compare minimal techno to super hard trance; they sound very different but use the same structure, and therefore can be mixed together)

Restrictions like this are often very good for getting the creative juices flowing too. When you are forced into a pattern, a lot of the creative decisions are made for you already, so you can throw all of your creativity into other areas.

Maybe you didn’t notice my post above here, but I finished my techno track:

You can listen to it right here:

Please tell me what you think about the track here:

Thanks for your help!