[techno/tech-house] Cie - Teestation

Cie - Teestation
Style: Techno/Tech-House

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The track has been released on the compilation -> “OAB midsummer collection” on broque.de. There are 11 tracks by different interesting artists. You might check out these fresh tunes. :)

Feedback is very welcome. :)

This is a great netlabel. So far every artist I checked out is very talented. Do you use renoise on all your tracks for erde und sterne EP?

Thank you for listening :)
On the EP the first three tracks were made with renoise. Track 4 and 5 I used another tracker (Miditracker), but today I am using mainly Renoise.

what i like:
the drive
the monotony
the soundscape / ambience
the fact that it doesn’t sound amateur.

what i don’t like:
not sure if the occasional clipping is intended or accidental, but i think it disturbs the overall soft and relaxed impression of the ensemble.
same goes for the sporadically appearing lo-fi fx.
as the tune progresses, the drums & percussions could’ve gained complexity - but i guess that’s not what you’ve been after.

alltogether a solid, well produced track.
hat was, kann was. =)