Tell If The Cursor Is In One Of The Fx Columns

AFAIK, the API treats the inst/vol/pan/delay values as attributes of a note column. They are actually columns in their own right, so I was wondering if there was a way to tell via the API if your cursor is currently located in one of those columns.

Right now, the only thing I can see is song.renoise().selected_note_column. This does not distinguish between the note values and the other columns associated with it.


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-> song.renoise().selected_effect_column AND/OR song.renoise().selected_effect_column_index

song.renoise().lines[].effect_columns to access them

for more details and related accessors, do a search of “effect_columns” in the API docs

Hi, taktik. Perhaps you misunderstand me. I’m looking to identify if the cursor is in the sample/volume/pan/delay columns. These are seen by Renoise as part of a note column, and treated as such by the API. A NoteColumn object contains the four fx parameters I described as attributes of the object, rather than objects themselves with a pointer referencing them when the cursor is in that particular column.

The selected_effect_column_index sees all four of the above as “0”. When I attempt to access the selected_effect_column it is “nil” when I’m in one of the four columns I mentioned above. This is consistent with the API in saying that if the cursor is in a note column, the selected_effect_column is “nil”

Since the API sees the four note fx columns as part of a note column, as far as I can tell right now, there is no way to distinguish where the cursor is between them. I know the app internally has a mechanism, as the pattern interpolation functions will interpolate depending on which column you are in, even the fx inside the note column. I am working on a cross pattern interpolator that will work the same way, but unfortunately I am thinking that I will have to have some work around, either through a config UI, or having different key bindings for interpolating the different columns within a note column.

If there is no way to determine this state, I would recommend this be added to the next version of the API.


I see. The Vol,Pan and delay column are bound to notes, in contrary to the FX columns on the very right. Note or effect column, it would of course be great to control and check where !exactly! the cursor is with the API. Will try to get this done in a future update.