Tell Me If I Ever Should Finish This Song.

Well, i know about the unwritten rule, you should never touch a legendary song, you only can make even worse.

LizardKing 2.0 from Gustav Grefberg is still one of my favourite Songs of the Amigascene.

Some (younger) peoples might not know this song. Taste it here.…s&view=4310

Personally i like the mod more then the xm, and then i became that stupid idea:

Why not re-making the Track to sound like 2008 ?

I started to compose it from scratch. Since its a pain in the ass to find similar ( high quality ) samples, i did my best.

Now i got headache to fall into the 'never try to remake a legendary song - you gonna fail ’ - trap.

Should i continue finish the track ?

check the 1st minute here.